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A free download manager for easier, faster, and more secure downloads

Orbit Downloader is a free Download Manager which makes download tasks of all kinds easier, faster and more secure. This program offers you specially designed functions for downloading media streams like video and audio, which comes in very useful on popular video websites like YouTube.

Orbit Downloader installs with browser integration for the most popular Internet browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This means that when you want to make a download from any of them, Orbit Downloader catches the action and automatically gives you the chance to add it to the program's download queue. Nevertheless, you can also add new downloads from the program itself. It also installs a Toolbar on Internet Explorer, which may however result annoying for some people.

This program's interface is clear and well-designed. There is an area where you can see all the downloads you have in progress, and also allows you to stop, pause and resume your downloads. Resuming downloads is a very helpful function, since it lets you not to lose your partial downloads due to Internet connection interruptions, system crashes, or other reasons. Another key feature worth mentioning is that Orbit Downloader splits the queued files into several parts, and downloads all of these sections at the same time - the resulting effect is to optimize your Internet speed usage and to achieve faster downloads. Besides that, you are allowed to schedule the download activities, telling the program the exact date and time to start and to stop downloading.

A very interesting feature of this download manager has been specially designed to work for YouTube videos. With Orbit Downloader installed on your system, you can hover your mouse over a YouTube video playing area and a "Get It" message will appear - this is actually a menu that lets you add the corresponding FLV video file straight into the program's queue, and download the video using "Grab pro". Grab pro is a third-party component that you can optionally install together with Orbit Downloader. To be honest, I could not find it useful in any way.

Orbit Downloader is a great download manager, which I would sincerely recommend to anybody who periodically downloads files, audio, video, etc.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Allows to pause and resume downloads
  • Faster downloads
  • Allows scheduling
  • Fully configurable


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